Business Small Parcel- Servicio-GLS

Reliable shipping of small parcels throughout Spain with GLS. A special solution provides enhanced transportation security.The standard delivery time of less than 24 hours applies throughout the whole of Spain (between 24-72 hours in islands, Ceuta, Melilla, Andorra and Gibraltar).

GLS sorts small parcels for national delivery separately and transports them in special bags as added protection for sensitive goods.

  • Shipment tracking in real time

  • Digital recipient signature accessible online

  • Second delivery attempt included

  • Second delivery attempt included; for private customers to a GLS ParcelShop

Maximum parcel size and weight:

 Max. weight

 Max. lenght

The parcel must fit the  SmallParcel triangle

3 kg

40 cm


GLS informs recipients about the delivery and offers a variety of delivery options to choose from.


Recipients pay for goods on delivery. GLS transfers the payment to the sender.


Delivery and collection of returns at the same time.


Collection of parcels and delivery to client.


Collection from and delivery to any address.


Collection of packages in any direction.


Delivery of packages and return of important documents.


GLS simplifies the exchange of packages within the company.


Parcel handover exclusively to the stated person on proof of identity.


Notification about parcel status via text messages.


Arrangement of parcel delivery or pick up by automatic phone call