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With GLS, senders and recipients can track their packages at any time. Once you enter the package reference or tracking number you will get all the shipping information and the delivery process. This includes estimated delivery date and updated status. The shipping tracking is free. If you wait for one or more packages, you can track them simultaneously using the shipment tracking option. How does it work? Each label has a 2D barcode with all the shipping data including the tracking number. The code is scanned at all the main points and both the last status and the location are transmitted to the GLS system. This is important in the logistics coordination process. protecciondatos@gls-spain.es
GLS facilitates this information through the shipment tracking function, which means that you can perform the tracking at any time. When a shipment, for example, is cast, the driver scans the code with his personal digital assistant (PDA). Even if the recipient is not present during the delivery attempt the information is also recorded in the system. The driver enters the corresponding absence status. All data is collected in the GLS system. Tracing is possible with the tracking number.