• Cross-border e-commerce simplified
  • 16 European countries connected with one another
  • FlexDeliveryService offers delivery options for recipients


Amsterdam, 19 July 2018. For convenient cross-border online shopping: GLS now offers a range of options for parcel recipients in more countries. The parcel company has extended its FlexDeliveryService to include the United Kingdom. In total, 16 European countries are now connected with one another in all directions.


First and foremost, the cross-border connectivity offered by the FlexDeliveryService benefits online shoppers. Regardless of the country in which an order is placed, GLS informs recipients of the planned delivery in advance – and in the national language concerned. The recipient can then choose from a range of options, thus controlling the time and place of delivery.

The important markets of France, Spain and Denmark have also been added over the past few months. With the UK, the country with Europe’s largest e-commerce market is now integrated within the FlexDeliveryService[1]. As around a third of all online shoppers in the UK also bought items from other European countries in 2016 and 2017[2], receiving cross-border parcels is particularly important.


More countries in the pipeline

GLS is preparing to offer flexible international delivery in other countries, including Bulgaria, Greece, Finland, Portugal, Switzerland and Italy. GLS Ireland, which already offers the FlexDeliveryService for export consignments, will soon also be delivering import consignments according to the recipients’ choice. 

[1] Ecommerce Europe, European Ecommerce Report 2018

[2] Ecommerce Foundation, Ecommerce Report United Kingdom 2018

The following countries are connected with one another in all directions:

  1. Austria (AT)
  2. Belgium (BE)
  3. Czech Republic (CZ)
  4. Denmark (DK)
  5. Germany (DE)
  6. Spain (ES)
  7. France (FR)
  8. Croatia (HR)
  9. Hungary (HU)
  10. Luxembourg (LU)
  11. Netherlands (NL)
  12. Poland (PL)
  13. Romania (RO)
  14. Slovenia (SI)
  15. Slovakia (SK)
  16. United Kingdom (UK)


The GLS Group

GLS, General Logistics Systems B.V. (headquartered in Amsterdam), realises reliable, high-quality parcel services for over 270,000 customers, complemented by logistics and express services. “Quality leader in European parcel logistics” is GLS’ guiding principle, sustainability being one of the core values. Through wholly owned and partner companies, the Group provides a network coverage of 41 European and eight U.S. states and is globally connected via contractual agreements. About 50 central and regional transhipment points and more than 1,000 depots and agencies are at GLS’ disposal. With its ground based network GLS is one of the leading parcel service providers in Europe. GLS counts 18,000 employees and every day around 30,000 vehicles are on route for GLS. In the financial year 2017/18 GLS achieved revenues of 2.9 billion euros and transported 584 million parcels.


More information: gls-group.eu