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Frequent questions

Receiving parcels

Find answers to frequently asked questions about receiving your GLS shipments.

I was sent an order with GLS. How long will it take for my parcel to arrive?2021-05-27T11:07:03+00:00

Generally, domestic shipments are delivered within 24 working hours (excluding islands) once we receive the parcel in our network. Standard delivery time for Europe is 24 to 96 hours.

Delivery is made from Monday to Friday from approximately 9am to 8pm, except for SaturdayService deliveries, in which case delivery is made on Saturdays before midday.

Remember that you can track your shipment through the “Shipment Tracking” page to find out where and when your parcel is expected to be delivered.

How can I track my shipment?2021-05-11T13:41:32+00:00

You can track your parcel at any time via the “Track Shipments” page. Please note that we use different distribution centres, so the route is not always direct.

National shipments: To find out where your parcel is, simply enter the GLS tracking number and the destination postcode.

International shipping: Enter your GLS tracking number to track the status of your shipment.

If you do not have a tracking number, we recommend that you contact your supplier so that they can provide you with the information.

What does the status of my shipment mean?2021-05-27T11:28:17+00:00

Statuses that a shipment goes through

Labed created. Pending pick up by GLS. We have received the pre-registration of your shipment but we have not yet received it physically at our facilities.

Parcel picked up by GLS. We have received your shipment at a point in our network and the shipping process to its destination begins.

In transit. Your shipment has arrived at another agency by mistake, and that means a delay in the delivery time of approximately 24 hours.

Out for delivery. Your shipment will be delivered to you according to the conditions of the service and delivery route. If the FlexDeliveryService is activated, you can select the delivery time slot or another delivery option in the e-mail you will receive, which will be respected as far as possible, taking into account the route of the delivery person.

Delivered. Your parcel has been marked as delivered.

I have to receive a shipment with GLS and I will not be at the address provided. Can someone else receive it? Can I change the address?2021-05-27T11:12:29+00:00

As a first option, the GLS delivery person will ask a neighbour if they can receive* and sign for your parcel. If none of your neighbours accepts the shipment, GLS will leave a waybill and take the parcel to the destination branch/agency. GLS will make a second delivery attempt.

If the shipment is not delivered after the second attempt, the parcel will be stored at the depot/agency. It will be returned to the sender nine working days after the first delivery attempt.

In order to change the delivery address once the shipment is in our network, you must contact your supplier to authorise GLS to make the change. If the change involves a change of postal code, there may be a delay of one working day in the delivery of the shipment from the time the request is accepted.

Remember that, if you wish, you can select the nearest GLS agency to pick up your GLS shipments. You can also select one of our more than 3,500 ParcelShops (collection points) to receive your parcels, benefiting from their extended opening hours.

*If the service contracted by the provider requires the identification of the recipient with an ID card or other official documentation, please consult with the provider to authorise delivery to another person.

I would like to cancel an order sent to me with GLS. How can I do that?2021-05-06T13:15:32+00:00

If you want to cancel an order that has been shipped to you with GLS, you must contact your supplier to inform GLS of the cancellation of the shipment. In the event that this process has been delayed by your supplier and a GLS delivery person shows up to make the delivery, you must refuse receipt and let them know about the cancellation.

I would like to receive my order at a collection point (ParcelShop). How can I do that?2021-05-27T11:08:34+00:00

With GLS, you can receive your shipments at more than 3,500 collection points in our network of ParcelShops. Their extensive timetables allow them to adapt to the day-to-day life of GLS recipients. To arrange this, complete the following steps:

  • Enter the “Shipment Tracking” page by entering the tracking number and the destination postal code. The tracking number has to be provided by the supplier.
  • Click on the button “Divert to ParcelShop”
  • Select the nearest ParcelShop and click on “Divert”

Remember to go to the ParcelShop when your shipment shows as “Delivered” on the tracking page, during the ParcelShop’s opening hours and with your official identification document.

My parcel is damaged. What can I do?2021-05-06T13:20:02+00:00

If your parcel has damage to the packaging, you can refuse to accept it. GLS will return the parcel and inform the sender. If it is the content that is damaged, please contact the sender directly. GLS cannot and should not review the contents of parcels.

My parcel has not arrived. Through which channels can I claim for the delivery of my shipment?2021-05-27T11:30:31+00:00

We recommend that the first thing you do is check the status of your parcel on the “Tracking” page. Enter the tracking number and postal code if it is a domestic shipment or the tracking number if it is an international shipment.

If you were away from the delivery location and you have a waybill that the delivery person left for you, the waybill will tell you where the delivery is (for example, if it is with a neighbour).

If the information provided is insufficient, you can contact us through our web form or by private message through our official Customer Service channels, sending us the tracking number to expedite the process:

Web form: Enquiring about a shipment

Facebook: GLSSpain

Twitter: @GLS_clientes

Instagram: @gls_spain

You can also call us on our hotline +34 900 113 300*. GLS will be happy to answer your questions. Please have the tracking number handy for easy handling.

*Check rates with your operator.

I need to receive a COD shipment. How do I make the payment?2021-05-27T11:22:44+00:00

If you are awaiting a delivery with CashService (Cash on Delivery), the courier will deliver it to your home to settle the payment. This must be in cash and its maximum value will be €1,500.

At the time of payment, you will get a receipt for the amount paid.

Due to the current situation arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, what delivery protocol has GLS established?2021-05-06T13:23:49+00:00

GLS has established protocols for delivery and collection of parcels that you can consult in this section (LINK). In this way, the safety of the recipient and the delivery person is guaranteed.

Remember to keep a safe distance when in contact with a GLS employee. For everyone’s safety.

My question is not included here. Where can I get more information?2021-09-15T15:14:33+00:00

You can contact us through our Customer Service Centre:

Web form: Enquiring about a shipment

Facebook: GLSSpain

Twitter: @GLS_clientes

Instagram: @gls_spain

Phone +34 902 113 300*

*Check rates with your operator.

Frequent questions
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