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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you want to turn your business in a ParcelShop? Are you a GLS ParcelShop and have a question? Answer your questions here

What are my obligations as a GLS ParcelShop?2021-05-18T19:35:36+00:00

As a GLS parcel pick-up and delivery point, you must inform customers about their possible interest in shipping through your GLS point, make deliveries of parcels deposited in your shop and receive returns to be sent to GLS customers.

How much do I have to invest to become a GLS ParcelShop collection point?2021-05-18T19:35:42+00:00

ZERO! It is completely free of charge to offer our services as a GLS ParcelShop collection point.

We take care of giving you the signage and sales material. In addition, we display your collection point in our online search engine and via GLS customers who offer the option of picking up parcels at a GLS ParcelShop point during online purchases.

Does GLS provide me with any computer equipment?2021-05-18T19:35:34+00:00

Our solution is completely online and you only need to have a device (mobile, tablet or PC) with an Internet connection. With the username and password we provide you with, you can do it all!

I would like to advertise that I am a GLS ParcelShop point to make myself known in my neighbourhood. What should I do?2021-05-18T19:35:40+00:00

Our GLS ParcelShop team will help you with whatever you need: material to display inside the shop, flyers for mailing, digital banners, etc. To do this, you can contact your salesperson through our ParcelShop Web Application, in the HELP section.

You can also write to us at glsparcelshop@gls-spain.es and your sales representative will contact you.

As a GLS ParcelShop, do I have to announce my possible schedule changes?2021-05-18T19:35:38+00:00

Yes! It is very important that you do this. At GLS, we publish the latest shop data on our website via the ParcelShop search engine. The recipients or customers of GLS can consult the details of your premises and have access to the opening hours of your business.

It is also very important that you let us know when your business closes for the holidays, so that we can stop delivering parcels to you a few days before you close and GLS recipients and customers have updated information.

You can notify us of these changes by e-mailing glsparcelshop@gls-spain.es.

What service does a GLS ParcelShop collection point offer?2021-05-18T19:35:37+00:00

Being a GLS collection point means that you must receive and deliver parcels from our network to be deposited in your store for later delivery to the addressee.

If you wish, you can also market your customers’ shipments through GLS, obtaining more attractive extra income.

How can I become a GLS ParcelShop network convenience point?2021-06-01T07:43:23+00:00

Thank you for your interest in becoming a GLS convenience point!

You can do this in 2 different ways:

Once we receive your request, the GLS ParcelShop sales team will contact you as soon as possible.

What benefits do I receive for being a GLS ParcelShop convenience point?2021-05-18T19:35:55+00:00

Being a GLS convenience point allows you to attract more potential customers to your business, generate more traffic to your business, build customer loyalty and increase your online visibility.

In short, you can increase your sales and earn additional income by marketing your customers’ shipments through our network, diversifying your offering in your area of influence.

ParcelShops Customers

Answer your doubts about making shipments and picking up parcels into GLS ParcelShops.

I want to return a parcel delivered to me by GLS. What should I do?2021-05-18T20:02:33+00:00

You should contact the supplier who sold you the goods and ask for them to be returned. The supplier will give you instructions for the item’s correct return and, if it is via one of the convenience points in our GLS ParcelShop network, you will receive an e-mail with a QR code. With this code, you can drop the item off at any collection point in our extensive network in Spain.

Remember that the parcel must be protected and fully packed, including your name and address on the wrapping.

I need to pick up a parcel at a GLS ParcelShop collection point but I can’t go. What should I do?2021-06-15T08:02:49+00:00

In order for another person to pick up a shipment on your behalf, you must fill in this authorisation and give it to the person you authorise to pick up your parcel along with a photocopy of your ID/NIE/Passport. With these documents, we will proceed to deliver the parcel to the authorised person at the selected GLS ParcelShop collection point.

Frequently Asked Questions
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