GLS has discovered several fake websites using our logos, names and content. These were used by criminals to defraud GLS customers and non-customers. These pages are designed to trick recipients and obtain sensitive data such as login credentials or financial information.

The main GLS website in Spanish is Any other domain should be considered suspicious and should not be accessed. You can access the rest of the GLS Group domains at

If you are not sure whether the website is legitimate or not, you should check these aspects first:

  • Does the URL have any relation to GLS? If the name is not related to our brand, we are probably facing a fake website.
  • Is the web connection secure? On the left side of the URL there should be a padlock, which indicates that the web certificate is valid and browsing the site is safe. This should not be taken as a clear sign of the legitimacy of the site. Sometimes, certificates can be obtained to make these sites appear legitimate.
  • Check the policies that appear at the bottom of the home page (privacy, legal notice, terms and conditions, etc.). In many cases, offenders do not bother to fill in these sections.
  • Does the website look professional? Generally, these websites are composed only of the home page, so if you click on other sections you will not be able to access them. • Are there spelling mistakes?

These four indicators must be evaluated as a whole, as each separate aspect will not ensure the legitimacy of the website.

If a website looks suspicious to you, let us know immediately by sending us the link to the website. We will conduct an investigation and take appropriate action if it is determined that the domain is illegitimate.