GLS manages official social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In our accounts you will always see a link to our website, as well as an extensive publication history. In addition, we will only contact you to answer questions that you have previously asked us.

Below are some pointers for identifying fraudulent accounts:

  • The account has been created a short time ago, usually a few weeks or months.
  • The account does not provide official contact channels or information.
  • The account does not include the link to our website.
  • The account is actively trying to contact you without you having asked any questions.
  • The account offers special gifts or refers to websites other than

In case of doubt about the legitimacy of the account, report it immediately. If impersonation is confirmed, the company that owns the social network will be informed in order to have the account removed. You can also report the fraudulent account directly to the company that owns the social network.