Our partners for express transport

Our transportation partners and delivery personnel cover the last mile and are the face we present to the public. They play one of the most important roles for GLS in the area of transport and logistics. Every day, they give 100% to ensure that the parcels arrive safely and on time to recipients.

We are committed to sustainable cooperation and high quality transportation services. That is why we are committed to a long-term partnership that facilitates agility in the parcel delivery process.

A partnership based on trust

Strong together: to ensure successful long-term cooperation, GLS Spain relies on continuous dialogue with transport partners. We work together to optimise the collection and delivery processes of shipments, and we exchange information to analyse possible improvements in these procedures.
The values and rules of conduct shared by both parties have been set out in our code of conduct, based on the principles of partnership, fairness and responsibility.

Investment in delivery processes

We are committed to optimising processes and procedures for deliveries, with various measures and an ambitious project driven by the GLS Group itself. This includes investments in equipment, such as the digital tools used by our transport partners and delivery drivers on their delivery days. The opening of new Depots / hubs and the modernisation of existing ones, as well as the expansion of our agency network, strengthens the network and shortens transport routes. But we also invest in training, communication and new services and solutions like the FlexDeliveryService.

I want to become a parcel delivery person in GLS

At GLS Spain, we are constantly looking for freelance delivery drivers who want to work managing deliveries and collections for our clients. We have more than 480 agencies in Spain looking to hire the services of delivery drivers in their areas.

Would you like to work as a delivery driver with GLS Spain? Find out what we can offer you and fill in the form by clicking on the button below.

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